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Leonberger Book by Guido Perosino.

Guido Perosino is a worldwide known breeder and judge, considered one of the most prestigious celebrity of the breed.
Professional in animal breeding and genetics he has owned and raised famous dogs and several champions.
He has accumulated much knowledge through his studies and his judging in the United States, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe; he also judged several times at the Leonberg Clubsieger Zuchtshau in Germany (the German Club Show in the mother country and town: the most exciting and symbolic show in the world) and at the National d’Elevage in France where the greatest number of Leonberger can be seen altogether, as well as at the inaugural Club Shows of the Russian and English Club Shows.

The World Dog Show in the German dog’s Capital Dortmund and most recently in Stockholm 2008 are exceptional steps in this brilliant career.

He is the founder and President of Honor of the Club Italiano del Leonberger.
He has been awarded with the “Golden Badge” by the President of the VDH (the German Kennel Club) and by the President of the DCLH (Deutscher Club fuer Leonberger Hunde – the German Leonberger Club) in the occasion of the 150th anniversary ceremony of the Leonberger Dog, held in the town hall of Leonberg in 1996; this is the highest honor of the German Leonberger Club.

He has also been awarded with the “Millenium Leonberger award” by the Club Italiano del Leonberger and with the “Einrich Hessig Award” , the highest tribute of the Leonberger Club of America.

He has often been invited to hold specialist seminars in Europe, Australia and the U.S. where a triple DVD has been recorded and published to enjoy his expertise throughout a video.

He has been official speaker at the 2009 International Judges Seminar organized by the International Leonberger Union in the town of Leonberg.