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The Leonberger Book by Guido Perosino.

The Leonberger – a blend of aesthetic elegance and peculiar temperament which makes it charming and outstanding – was little known until a few years ago, even in his country of origin.

He is now becoming more widely known by dog lovers all over the world. A majestic giant a mighty build, he has an extremely sociable temperament, meek and particularly suited to family life.

He also has a solid aptitude as a watchdog for the home. He works willingly if trained with genleness and is suited for rescuing and searching. Though he descends from the large mountain dogs of Asian origins he has maintained only the appearance of the mountain dog,
not the temperament wich has been forged by over a hundred years of selection as a watchdog suited to courts and family tranquility. Many consider he a mountain lion, though this is merely a foolish affectation.

Ever since he has been selected by man he has lived on the plains and hills of Lower Germany,
it looks somewhat like a lion, with his yellow thick coat, majestic gait – and pherhaps his name is similar – but he certainly does not have that dominant disposition or unfriendly temper. In
this book I have set out to focus on the Leonberger dog. I am aware that when one undertakes to describe, illustrate or tell about what he loves, he will tend to emphasize its positive points.

I have therefore attempted a task that perhaps seems too technical, but in actuality it is only an effort to deepen the extremely concise standard. To conprehend the real spirit underlying a given piece of writing it is often necessary to filter the words through experience, creative
intuition and love.

leonberger book