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Studbook 1918-1967

German Leonberger Studbook 1918-1967

440 pages. Studbook, history, memories and photos.

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German Leonberger Studbook 1918-1967

Leonberger studbook,
1st Summary
1918 - 1967

When, after the First World War (1914-1918), the 7 Swabians in Leonberg founded the Leonberger Club, it was possible to start rebuilding the Leonberger population.
The problem was that many documents, books and magazines were lost. Except of a few registrations at the D.C., the German kennel Club, and a single pedigree, nothing was found. The stud books of the former Leonberger Clubs in Apolda and Heidelberg could not be traced either.
The first enthusiasts, of which Stadelmann and Josenhans were the leaders, had to settle for loose information, mostly verbal, the accuracy of which was often questionable.
Not only papers could not be found. Leonberger had also to be tracked down to give the breed new start.
Thanks to Stadelmann's determination, he was possible to present in 1926 his first studbook with entries up to and including 1924.
Volume E. With the numbers 1-108.
It was also his last stud book because he resigned as chairman and stud bookkeeper for personal reasons at the annual general meeting of 1926 and withdrew completely from cynology.
Leonberg was only for a short time the centre of the Leonberger.
It would take until 1948, until Leonberg again became the center of the Leonberger world.
The story repeats because even then little data could be found.
Nevertheless, the club managed in due time to find the old stud books.

Robert and Wilma Beutelspacher then decided to bundle and publish these breed books, so that all information is preserved.
The studbooks, old photos and articles from the previous club newspapers make the whole thing a very interesting book and it gives a good insight into the past.

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