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The dog of Leonberg vol. 3

The expansion.

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The dog of Leonberg vol. 3

After a turbulent history of  the emergence, the rise, the fall and resurrection (volumes 1 and 2), the Leonberger population is in full bloom. 
Part 3 tells  how the breed conquered the world. The fortunes  and misfortunes of the clubs, the International Leonberger Union, health and longevity of the breed 
Chapter 1 Stabilisation and expansion.  
Chapter 2 The daily life of the clubs.
Chapter 3 Overview of the litters.
Chapter 4 The Leonberger in action. 
Chapter 5 The international Leonberger Union. 
Chapter 6 The Leonberger and its health.
Chapter 7 The venerables. 
Chapter 8 Recapitulations and conclusions

Dimensions 17 x 24 cm., hard cover,  
416 pages, of which 96 in full colour, 604 illustrations.
Languages: English, French, German and Dutch.


45.00 € 42.50