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The Dog of Leonberg vol. 1

A turbulent past. Period 1846-1945.

Article code: HL01

The Dog of Leonberg vol. 1

After the creation of the Leonberger by Heinrich Essig, the breed became first very famous but afterwards knew also a time of vilification. The established cynophile world was hostile towards the Leonberger. The first standard. Almost total extinction after the first World War.

  • 200 years ago Heinrich Essig was born in Leonberg. He will make history as the creator of the Leonberger.
  • Why were the dogs called Leonberger or Dog of Leonberg ?
  • Read more about Heinrich Essig, his successors and imitators.
  • Why the official cynology was so hostile ?
  • How did these first Leonbergers look ?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Chapter 3  

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Leonberg and its most famous citizen.The breed and the breed standard. The origin and giving of the name.
The related breeds: The Pyrenean Mountain dog/Wolf dog, the Saint Bernard, 
the Newfoundland. 
The Essig kennel, the competitors and imitators.            
Criticism from the official canine world. 
The distribution and the first Leonberger Club 
The morphology. The standard (Kull),
The lack of cooperation and the struggle for existence, the division,
reunification and expansion. The War and the destruction. 
The Reconstruction. The seven Swabians. 
The Revival and expansion. The failure and a new Era 
The Leonberger in Art
The first registrations
Shows and assessments 
The doubts
Recapitulation and conclusions

Dimensions  17 x 24 cm., hard cover,
368 pages of which 32 in full colour, 257 illustrations.
Languages English, French, German and Dutch.

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